VIDEOS: Dear friends. The current tumultuous markets help exceptional opportunities resurface. Yet we perceive it as showcase opportunities to highlight that alternative investments are a meaningful component to a savvy investor's portfolio. Our stable-performance programs make more sense than ever. Also, with the surging number of new investors embarking on our programs to snap up the market potential we kindly asked Dereck to walk you through our operations in a series of videos. Enjoy it and remember, together we stay strong.

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Dear Partners

While the COVID-19 pandemic hits our region hard again and inflation threatens the economies all around the world, we are happy to announce that our trading programs have been restarted. We have launched the first test trading activity at several liquidity providers where we observe positive results so far.

We remain positive that the full trading activity will commence throughout October across all deposit holders available.

Please note that our valued Partners will be approached directly in the coming weeks via dedicated communication channels in relation to cooperation details at various trading venues.

Thank you very much for your patience and trust. Situation may not be easy, but we are fully committed to turn it around.

Warm regards

Galibier Capital Inc.



Dear all

Thank you so much for your patience. Let us please provide the update regarding the recent developments. Our case is still ongoing as it was revealed that not only our company was affected. Unofficial news report shows larger counts of similar targets where reputation of many industries was heavily harmed. We do confirm that our company provides a great support to our internal technology providers who put all effort to localize the potential sources. It seems however that the results will take longer than expected. We promise that our valued partners will be informed as soon as we have any further news regarding the situation.

For those venues which have been significantly harmed, new trading program will be introduced. Brief description to follow:

/ no lockup period

/ no performance fee

/ no management fee

/ optimized leverage specifications

/ tightened risk parameters

/ wider range of traded instruments across all the spectrum available

Such trading strategy will be launched when all of the necessary legal steps have been finalized. Please be informed that due to extremely complex business and political environment, we have made the decision to move our internal operational addresses. Our partners will be informed about every step to be taken. The trading activity itself will be launched gradually based on the specific venue. At latest, we do expect the trading activity to be commenced at all venues during the month of October. By that time, all of the details will be presented. We have put all our effort to chase up the procedures, however we understand the process of restart will have to take longer.

At the moment, we are in the middle of discussion with all of our deposit holders about options we may have to regain the recent losses. We believe that the outcome of such discussions will be finalized by the mid September, thereafter the specific details may be presented. That is the reason why we would like to introduce more details by September 17th. For now however, we already know that existing clients with funded accounts will not have to take any further steps. Depending on the venue, new credentials might be generated. Existing clients with not funded accounts will fund their accounts and the trading will commence based on (Limited) Power of Attorney (or an analogous document) in the same allocation. Incoming clients will apply for their trading accounts and respective POAs and LPOAs will have to be signed – the usual process.

We remind the affected clients that they are free to request their trading statements at all brokers their accounts are with.

NOTE: We would like to confirm a special compensation scheme being drafted and discussed with our technology providers. The special conditions will be provided to accounts with loss exceeding 80% of the initial deposits, details will follow by September 17th. The compensation plan includes channeling the payable fees proportionately across traded accounts. This is a legal matter requiring deep AML analysis. We do our best to expediate the whole process so that the solution takes place as soon as possible.

We do truly believe that we will soon hit the upward road again.

Thank you.

Galibier Capital Inc.


COVID-19 SPREAD, UPDATE: We closely monitor the news surrounding COVID-19. We extend our wishes of speedy and stress-free recovery to all those infected and their families. We appreciate the measures taken responsibly by the most governments around the globe. Our operations remain intact and we carry on as usual. Our trading strategy thrives on volatility and we focus on the markets to stay true to our principles and mission to bring stable positive return to our clients. Thank you.



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